Meatloaf is nasty. There, we said it. But the meatloaf in question from this story is going to end up costing New York City $378,000 dollars.

The NY Daily News says that twenty one inmates from Rikers Island settled a federal lawsuit with the city over some really foul food they were served March 3, 2015. According to the suit...the meatloaf dinner which was served to inmates who were on lockdown for alleged assault on staffers at the Anna M. Kross jail, had rat poison in it.

...were stricken by an “overwhelming sense of illness” that included nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and nosebleeds.

Inmates also said the Department of Corrections blocked any medical treatment for those sickened. City officials admitted after the suit was filed to seeing the rat poisoning in the nasty hunks of semi-identifiable food, but would not admit so in court. That's why both sides agreed to settle.

Maybe to be on the safe side, the jail (and pretty much every other place that serves food) should just remove meatloaf from their menus permanently. they may have all gotten sick even without the rat poison.