Today marks 50 years since Jimi Hendrix died. Hard to imagine, isn't it? I mean, he died when he was only 27, so he's eternally young. And in his short time here, he sure made an impact. Sometimes I try to imagine what he could have become if he was given more time.

I was too young to see Jimi Hendrix in concert, but I did get to know his long time producer/engineer Eddie Kramer. Jimi could play guitar like nobody else. But I also love the way he sang. I remember once when Eddie was on the air with us he told us that Jimi did not like his own singing voice. He didn't think of himself as very good. What? Are you kidding? I think most of us would disagree with that.

Jimi's music will live on forever, and somehow it makes him live on as well. I guess if I could tell Jimi something, I would thank him for all the great music, for inspiring so many guitarists who would follow in his footsteps and for teaching us that you can be great and humble at the same time. RIP Jimi Hendrix.



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