A Putnam County man has been sentenced to serve time in state prison for the March burglary of a car dealership. 

William J. Gambichler, 24, of Southeast, NY was convicted of Burglary third-degree. Gambichler pleaded guilty on June 13, and was sentenced on September 5 to a term of 2-4 years in state prison.

At approximetely 9:50 am March 13, 2017, an alert employee at a nearby business observed a vehicle drive up to the closed Bradley Stannard car dealership on Route 22 in Southeast.

The witness observed Gambichler exit the vehicle, walk behind the dealership, and return a few later minutes carrying a plastic bag.

Knowing that dealership was closed, the witness immediately called the police.

Gambichler, a previously convicted felon, confessed to members of the Putnam County Sheriff's Office that he had in fact broken into the dealership.

A search of the immediate area resulted in the recovery of the stolen cash register.

Forensic analysis later revealed Gambichler's fingerprints on the cash register.