A top New York official is worried this summer will be a "summer of smoke" living in the Empire State.

In late May and June smoke from a wildfire in Canada is caused widespread haze and poor air quality in New York State.

Canadian Wildfire Smoke Makes Its Way To New York State

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Widespread haze impacted Hudson Valley residents as well as most of New York State.

"Smoke from Nova Scotia wildfires is (moving) westward," the National Weather Service Albany stated. "This smoke is being smelled at ground level. Be alert if you are planning to be outside later today/tonight. Smoke can hurt your eyes, irritate your lungs and worsen respiratory illnesses."

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Over 400 fires were burning in Canada as of Tuesday night, including over 200 that were considered "out of control."

New York State Looks Like Mars

Smoke From Canadian Wildfires Blows South Creating Hazy Conditions On Large Swath Of Eastern U.S.
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A National Weather Service meteorologist said the condition in New York State “looks like Mars” and “smells like cigars," according to the New York Times via Newsbreak.

Schumer: More Needs To Be Done

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Getty Images/Drew Angerer

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said more needs to be done to stop wildfires.

“It is unfathomable that millions of Americans cannot even step outside without compromising their health and safety,” Schumer said. “The best way to ensure the U.S. does not suffer another wave of wildfire air pollution from these fires is to contain them as soon as possible. That will not be easy, but the Federal Government must explore all options on the table to keep Americans safe.

During the peak of the wildfires Schumer, New York's senior senator, wanted the United States to double the number of U.S. firefighters in Canada.

This is a crisis for both our countries. I’m calling on Secretary Tom Vilsack to double the number of Forest Service personnel deployed to Canada to help fight the wildfires and prevent a summer of smoke in New York and the Northeast," Schumer tweeted.

Smoke From Canadian Wildfires Blows South Creating Hazy Conditions On Large Swath Of Eastern U.S.
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During the peak of the wildfires, the Democratic Senator said New Yorkers stepped outdoors last week and felt like they were living in a chimney. He says more action and more help is needed in Canada to prevent a summer of smoke in New York

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"New Yorkers stepped outside feeling like they were living in a chimney,” said Schumer. “To prevent another chimney-like experience from happening, we need to take action. We need to get at these fires at their source. so that we don't suffer another wave or next week or the week after," he said.

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