The incident in question reportedly took place over this past weekend. Let's just get this  out in the open here; you may file this story under the headline of "things you should NOT do when around the police".

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Details Regarding Police Arrest of Poughkeepsie Man

There is really no way of going around this story without being incredibly blunt and maybe a little bit sarcastic. Over the weekend a Poughkeepsie man was arrested by Poughkeepsie police following an altercation.


A report from Spectrum News stated that the incident in question took place on Sunday morning. Poughkeepsie Police had received a call about "a man with  a gun" around 7:48pm. When Police arrived to the scene they found the man in question who was identified as 37 year old Leopoldo Duartepalacios.

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Police officers that responded to the scene reportedly attempted to verbally de-escalate the situation but those efforts proved to be futile as Duartepalacios at a point pulled out a semi-automatic gun from his pants. In response, one officers pulled there firearm and then shot Duartepalacios. Following the incident, officers applied the usage of a tourniquet and then requested medical assistance to the scene. Duartepalacios was then taken to a medical facility, treated for the wound and then was released.

What Happened Following the Shooting/Arrest?

In the aftermath of the event, police arrested and charged Duartepalacios with a number of crimes including...

menacing a police officer and second-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

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After being treated for his wound, Duartepalacios was taken to Poughkeepsie Court and was formally arraigned for the charges. Following the arraignment, he was then taken to Dutchess County Jail and is being held on $20,000 cash bail. As it stands currently, there is no further information about when Duartepalacios is expected to be back in court.


If anything else, this story is a reminder that if you are in any type of altercation with police officers, one thing you're probably going to want to avoid is pulling a gun on them.  Po-Po don't play games.

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