An 83-year-old woman with family in Dutchess County was found dead inside her Hudson Valley home and police now say it was homicide.

CBS New York reports that Lois Colley was found at her estate in Northern Westchester County on Tuesday. Colley was the mother of Milbrook resident Bruce Colley, who gained infamy for having an affair with Kerry Kennedy, who was married to Gov. Andrew Cuomo at the time. The relationship was said to be the reason for their break up in 2003.

This morning police were searching the woods near Colley's sprawling Westchester estate for evidence. Police helicopters were also seen in search patterns over the area. According to reports, the murder took place inside the home, which is behind another guest house far from the main road.

Lois Colley was the wife of millionaire Euguene Colley, who earned his fortune operating over 100 McDonald’s franchises in the New York area. A press conference was scheduled for this afternoon, but no further information on suspects or possible motives for the murder has been released.