It was a wild ride early Friday morning when a New York man lead police on a high speed chase that ended in a completely different state.

...and it appears all this trouble was over two packs of stolen beer.

Granville, NY Police say a 21 year-man was seen by a cop walking out of a Cumberland Farms store shortly after midnight carrying beer. The Rutland Herald didn't give a specific reason why the officer became suspicious, but it looks the policeman entered the store and confirmed that the beer had, in fact, been stolen.

The Herald says the young man then sped off in his truck with two passengers and lead police on a chase with speeds approaching 80 m.p.h.

The chase took an even more dramatic turn when the man allegedly threw bottles, still full of beer, at the patrol car in pursuit.

New York police broke off the chase once he approached the Vermont border. Of course, the beer chugging bandit wasn't out of the woods because all it took was one radio call from N.Y. police to everyone on the other side of the border on alert.

One police sergeant followed the vehicle into a driveway and detained the driver and a female passenger. Another passenger ran out of the car and into the woods. Police are looking at the store surveillance footage to identify the other passenger.