The building dates back to the 1800s. It was a priority to keep as much of the original aspects of the building as possible.

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Poughkeepsie based Baxter Building Corporation recently announced the completion of the historic Wireworks building in Newburgh.

The building dates back to 1895. It was the headquarters for the firm, Staples and Hanford Wireworks, which manufactured the patented Staples Indestructible Spring Work, used to produce upholstered furniture and carriage cushions, according to Baxter Building Corporation.

The building served other purposes throughout its 125-year existence including a garment manufacturing and sales center as well as a storage facility.

"Baxter could not be more excited to be a part of the development team that gets to 'reintroduce' this historic building back into the community," Vice President of Baxter Eric Baxter stated. "It is always our goal to deliver beautiful buildings, but the support from the community and the great partnerships that have stemmed from this project has been something truly special!"

The building which has been named "Newburgh Wireworks" will include bi-level apartments, live or work studios, artist studios, a coworking space - BEAHIVE Newburgh, and commercial retail space, officials say.

There are seven loft apartments and two unique live/work artist studios at Newburgh Wireworks. The lofts feature open floor plans, high ceilings with skylights, the building’s original hardwood floors and exposed brick.

The development team says it was a priority to keep as much of the original aspects of the building as possible. The brick walls were scraped clean and repaired, timber beams were left exposed, and the original hardwood floors were sanded and refinished. Old tin ceilings were repurposed for use in the 2-story common space. The added architectural elements bring a modern sensitivity to the design that breathes new life into the old building.

“There is a slow, but steady transformation happening in Newburgh, and we are happy and proud to be part of it. We feel fortunate to have found this building, and to have the City of Newburgh and its residents believe in our vision for it," Sisha Ortuzar said. "The support for the project and the interest from people wanting to be part of it has been amazing, so we're very grateful.”

Below are photos of the transformation.

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