Well, this had to have been awkward.

Emergency crews were called to disturbance in New Castle, Pennsylvania Saturday morning. WTAE reports that a fire broke out in an apartment complex.

The father was reportedly downstairs in the laundry room when he heard something going on above him. When he went back upstairs to check, the whole place was full of smoke.

Luckily, the father was able to rescue both his children; a four year-old and a three year-old. Neither kid was hurt, though the dad suffered a burn on one of his hands.

Where things really get weird is when the dad had to explain to fire officials abut how the blaze started. Apparently, the four year-old son has a bad habit of lighting things on fire with a lighter.

You'd think he'd keep a better eye on his kids, or at least try to hide all lighters and matches from this little budding pyromaniac?