Ozzy Osbourne wants to perform at his solo induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, he says he's still waiting for the all-clear.

He offered a health update to co-host Billy Morrison on the latest episode of the Ozzy Speaks series on SiriusXM: "I'd like to do a gig without falling over now [but] one surgeon [is] taking his time" with giving him permission to retake the stage.

The former Black Sabbath frontman is battling Parkinson's, as well as pain associated with a string of back surgeries. Asked earlier by Billboard if he'd perform at October's Rock Hall ceremony, Osbourne could only say: "You never know."

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In the meantime, he's set his eyes on a very different prize: Morrison asked Osbourne if there was an "achievement that you haven't got yet that you would like?” Osbourne replied, "Oscar."

Misunderstanding the goal, Morrison said: "Well, you've got to be in a movie to do an Oscar." But then Osbourne quickly corrected him. "You asked me what award I haven't gotten. No, Elton John got one for a song." (So have the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Phil Collins and Bruce Springsteen, among others.)

Osbourne is already a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, having been inducted with Black Sabbath in 2006. But he told Billboard that the solo honor felt "big" and "different" – "because my solo career, it's been a much larger part of my overall music career as a whole."

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