Okay, it's been a little over a week and the owner of the lost cookie dough found in our parking lot has yet to claim their dough.

To recap, somebody wasted pretty much an entire tube of delicious cookie dough and left it in our parking lot. Yes, it's weird. Who eats a tube a cookie dough in a radio station parking lot? Who takes two bites and gives up? The questions are endless.


So, here we are eight days later, and still nobody has come to claim their winning chips. It's actually pretty impressive it's in the same spot, considering the heavy rain we've experienced. Most of the dough has melted or been wash out of the tube at this point.

So, now I still call on the owner of this now piece of trash in our parking lot, to come and claim it. Don't disappoint Captain Planet, or his green mullet.


If you do come by, maybe bring some freshly baked cookies for us as a way to say I'm sorry...Just saying.