We've had an owl living in our yard for the past few years. For the most part we've been getting along fine. Besides having to clean up the occasional murder scene around our bird feeder, we've had a pretty good living arrangement.

That all changed once the owl got married.

This spring another owl moved into the yard. Since then, the happy couple have started a family and all hell has broken loose.

In April we saw our owl sitting on a power line next to our house staring intently at us as we stood in the yard. Upon further investigation we found that he was holding a rather large dead rabbit. He seemed to be saying "You guys better behave or you're next."

Recently the owls have started a family and I think they know that they're slowly outnumbering us.

Look at what happens when we go out into our yard now. Instead of flying away or staring they've started to scream and yell at us. They've also been known to swoop down and buzz our heads.

Has anyone else been overrun by owls here in the Hudson Valley?  We'd love to hear your story. You can share your tale in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.