If you were out on the road this weekend, chances are you either got a ticket or saw someone getting one.

New York State Police were out in full force throughout the Hudson Valley, citing drivers for all sorts of infractions. The crackdown comes just as Hudson Valley drivers are heading back out on the road for Spring. With the Pandemic starting to reach the beginning of the end and the snow winter now a distant memory, local residents are itching to get out.

The Easter weekend found many Hudson Valley families finally getting a chance to visit newly-vaccinated grandparents and extended family members, some who haven't seen their loved ones for over a year. Many of these long-anticipated reunions were dampened by an enthusiastic State Police force that was ready to pounce on speeding drivers who may have been a little too eager to get to their loved ones' homes for the holiday celebration.

With so many people out on the road, the State Police took the opportunity to launch a massive crackdown on speeders and distracted drivers. Troop F, which covers Rockland, Orange, Sullivan, Ulster and Greene Counties wrote 588 tickets, with the majority of them targeting speeders. Distracted drivers and children not properly restrained also earned tickets for local drivers. In addition, 21 impaired motorists were also cited.

In Dutchess, Westchester, Putnam and Columbia Counties Troop K handed out another 726 tickets. The majority were for minor infractions, with 363 cited for speeding, nine for distracted driving, 11 for child restraint violations and five for not following the "move over" law. Troop K also removed 23 impaired motorists from the road.

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