The family of a woman killed in the Hudson Valley is speaking out. You can help.

Over eight inches of rain fell during a short period of time on Sunday, in parts of the Hudson Valley. The rain caused flash flooding, road closures, rescue efforts and one death.

A State of Emergency was also declared in Orange County where the woman who was killed lived.

State Of Emergency Declared In Orange County, Ontario County, New York

GoFundMe To Help Orange County, New York Family

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The Pamela Nugent Memorial Fund was started by Ivey Jenkins-Long.

"Pam was an extremely bright, smart, funny, kind and positive person with a generous heart who was ready to do anything she could for you. She grew up in Fort Montgomery, was involved with the community and her church, she was close to her tight-knit family, especially her sister Emily and her two young nephews; she worked hard at her job with an acclaimed engineering firm; and most of all, she had big plans for her future where her wedding with Rob was just the beginning," Ivey Jenkins-Long stated.


Ivey saw the flood and scene, reporting:

I did see the near-apocalyptic scene of their neighborhood washing away. The three of them were in Ed's house, the home Pam grew up in, which is set on a steep hill near a creek, when the flooding encircled the entire house and they watched the backyard, gazebo, and two-hundred-year-old retaining wall disappear and leave behind a cavernous hole. Then the street at the front of the house was washed away, the four-inch thick asphalt breaking off in seconds and becoming a cliff only fifty yards from the house. It looked as though the house was going to collapse next, which is what spurred the evacuation effort to higher ground across the street, which had become a river directly in front of the house.

Ivey started the GoFundMe because Pam's father, Ed, said he wants a memorial for Pam in the neighborhood.

Pam Nugent/FB
Pam Nugent/FB

"I want to help bring the neighborhood back to a place where it can be a beautiful backdrop for her memorial. Ed is an incredible home builder who paves the way for sustainability in construction and for younger builders like myself to learn how to build high-performance Passive Houses, with the environment and the community in mind. He shares everything he knows with incredible generosity. This is our chance to give back to him and his family in a time when they need it,"  Jenkins-Long said.

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As of this writing over $11,000 has been raised. CLICK HERE to donate.

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