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So, you think you are doing something healthy, by trying to eat less red meat? Maybe you are a fan of Fish Fry Fridays? Then you might want to take a pause before the next time you grab some fish out of the freezer.

Why? There has been a recall on a very popular frozen fish item. Want to make sure that you can double check what you already have, so you don't consume a recalled item? Of course you do.

What type of frozen fish has been recently recalled?

Canva, bhofack2 from Getty Images, Yayayoyo
Canva, bhofack2 from Getty Images, Yayayoyo

The FDA has shared the info regarding which frozen fish has been recalled. Here's the stats. The recall is specifically for Gorton’s Fish Sandwich - 100% Whole Fillets, 18.3 oz, More specifically the ones with the following codes:
UPC: 0 44400 15440 6
TIME RANGE: 15:30-17:30

Why are these Fish Sandwich Fillets being recalled? Can you get sick if you eat them?

Peter Marik
Peter Marik

While you probably won't get sick if you eat the frozen fish sandwich fillets, they are being voluntarily recalled because it is believed that they contain small bone pieces.

Where were the Gorton's Fish Sandwich Fillets that are being recalled sold in New York State?

The Gorton's Fish Sandwich Fillets that are being recalled were sold at Hannaford's across the state. To be clear, the only ones being recalled at this time are the ones that were listed above, with a best by date of Aug 23, 2023.

What should you do if you have these fish fillets in the freezer?

You can return them to the place that you bought them, or you can call Gorton's directly at 1-888-573-5982.

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