The Tappan Zee Bridge may have a new name thanks to a bill that was just passed through the New York Senate.

WAMC reports that the bill essentially strips the old name off of the bridge and replaces it with a new one. This has some lawmakers on the defensive and some residents scratching their heads.

The lower Hudson Valley bridge was previously named after former Governor Malcolm Wilson. Officially known as "The Governor Malcolm Wilson Tappan Zee Bridge," most assumed that the designation was supposed to just transfer to the new span between Rockland and Westchester.

But now, Senator Bill Larkin says a change is needed. The new name would be "The Purple Heart Memorial Bridge."  Veterans groups seem to be at the forefront of pushing for the new moniker.

Because the Tappan Zee is technically two different bridges, it is quite possible that each span could have a different name, with just one direction being renamed and the other kept to honor Mayor Wilson.

As the bill heads through the assembly there may be even more changes. Some have suggested that both spans should be renamed to honor former Governor Mario Cuomo. It's possible the current governor could throw his support behind renaming the bridge for his father.

One thing that's certain is that, according to the New York State Bridge Authority, the "Tappan Zee" name will continue no matter who the bridge is officially named after.