In one of today's stranger stories...a woman from California and her daughter are suing a parking garage after they say it's employees ran over the daughter's violin.

NBC says the instrument costs eighty five thousand dollars. Whoa. It's probably safe to say if we owned a delicate instrument that cost that much money, we'd never take it out of our homes.

Anyhow, NBC is reporting that the alleged incident happened in August 2017. The woman's attorney says the two were removing stuff from their vehicle at the West 51st Street parking garage when an employee crushed the violin while it was in it's case. Guess he wasn't looking where he was going.

The suit also says the instrument was within arm's length of the two females, so the garage employee must have passed by pretty close.

The manager of the garage told the NY Post that his people didn't do anything wrong and if you cared about a possession that was that wouldn't leave it on the ground of a parking garage. 

That could be a valid point. The manager went on to say the daughter was "crying like someone died" after the instrument was squashed under the weight of the moving vehicle.

The violin was reportedly a Degani, so trying to piece the thing back with crazy glue wouldn't work.