A road in the Hudson Valley is one of several in New York State with no posted speed limit. So just how fast can you go?

When it comes to following the rules of the road, one of the most ignored traffic laws is driving the speed limit. Some drivers can't stop themselves from speeding five, ten or even more miles per hour over the posted limit.

To be fair, there are some roadways that are almost impossible to drive without speeding just a little. Just try to maintain 25 miles per hour without a line of angry drivers riding your behind while honking and screaming.

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The Road Without a Speed Limit

While it's one thing to ignore the posted speed limit, it's another to drive a road that has no speed limit at all. I was recently driving through Hyde Park, New York and came across such a road that continues to confuse drivers who have no idea what to do.

The road connects Route 9 and Route 9G just north of the Culinary Institute of America. St. Andrews Road, also known as County Route 40A is 1.17 miles long and has absolutely no speed limit sign.

I traveled east to west on this road and confirmed that there was not one sign on the entire stretch of road. A search through the Google Maps street view of the road captured just three months ago also backs up the claim.

So Is There a Speed Limit on This Hudson Valley, New York Road?

Some may assume that since there's no posted speed limit you can travel as fast as you want without penalty. Unfortunately, that's not true. But figuring out what speed to drive can be a bit confusing.

My car uses GPS and onboard cameras to display the speed limit wherever I drive. While there is no sign on St. Andrews Road, my car says that the speed limit is 40mph. That, however, is incorrect.

Hyde Park New York Speed Limit
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What is the Speed Limit on New York Roads With No Posted Signs?

Anyone who's taken a New York State driver's test should remember a rule that specifically answers this question. The state speed limit is 55mph unless there is a sign stating otherwise. Because St. Andrews Road is a county highway, it's under the jurisdiction of the New York State Department of Transportation and, therefore, is 55mph.

Because this is part of the New York State driving code, drivers who are going faster than 55 won't be able to argue that there isn't a posted sign and could be given a ticket.

Why is there no Speed Limit Sign on St. Andrew's Road in Hyde Park?

There's no good explanation as to why the Town of Hyde Park has failed to erect speed limit signs on St. Andrews Road. While researching this oversight, I found complaints from residents about the missing signs going back several years. There are even online debates about the actual speed limit, with many incorrectly convinced that it's 40mph because their cars tell them so.

Hyde Park New York
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Because Hyde Park is home to many historic sights and tourist destinations, It's kind of ridiculous that the town hasn't fixed this confusing issue. Out-of-towners could be excused for being completely perplexed and distracted when traveling to one of the many tourist sights in the area for the first time and trying to figure out the local speed limit.

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New Jersey, for instance, has different speed limits for unmarked roads depending on the population and location of the road. In Connecticut, each town establishes its own maximum speed limit. Because many out-of-state drivers specifically visit Hyde Park for school or tourist sights, it's pretty unreasonable for them to be expected to memorize the New York State driver's manual in order to know how fast to drive.

Have you come across any other New York roads with missing speed limit signs? Let us know where they are by dropping us a message on our mobile app.

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