Soon, New Yorkers may be able to purchase a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich on Sunday.

If lawmakers have their way, the Christian-owned restaurant chain will be forced to abandon its company policy of closing on Sundays or risk closing a number of its New York locations.

Chick-Fil-A Closed on Sundays in New York

In order to allow its workers to observe the holy day of obligation and be with their families, companies such as Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A famously close their doors on Sundays.

In today's modern world, it seems like a crazy idea to shut down operations on one of the busiest shopping days of the week, but the companies say it's their moral obligation to practice a day of rest and give their employees a chance to spend time with their families.

NYS Thruway Authority
NYS Thruway Authority

New York Wants to Force Chick-fil-A to Remain Open on Sundays

While New York has no problem with Hobby Lobby and restaurant chains closing on Sunday if they wish, they do have a beef with Chick-fil-A closing specific locations in New York State.

Senate Bill S7794 sponsored by Michelle Hinchey would establish a new policy that requires restaurants at public rest areas to be open seven days a week. The bill is obviously aimed at Applegreen Limited's decision to allow Chick-fil-A to open locations at 10 of the 27 newly renovated rest areas on the New York State Thruway.

New Yorkers Have Been Complaining About Chick-fil-A's Policy Since Opening

Hinchey's bill is a reaction to complaints by many New Yorkers who feel the idea of having a rest area where the main restaurant is closed on one of the busiest travel days of the week is ridiculous. Motorists say that it just makes no sense to have a rest area with a restaurant that's closed.

The bill would only affect Chick-fil-A locations that are in rest areas, bus stations, train stations and marine terminal facilities.

Megan Carter
Megan Carter

Chick-fil-A Controversy Isn't New

Chick-fil-A is one of the concessions at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. However, as you might have guessed, when the Falcons play on Sundays, the restaurant is closed. It's almost as if Chick-fil-A opted to open at a location that's generally only occupied on Sundays just to shove it in everyone's face that they are closed.

Unlike motorists who need to stop at Thruway rest areas, however, Falcon fans have plenty of other options available at the stadium on gamedays.

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