One New York state man had thought he had hit the jackpot. That is, until his winning lottery ticket was stolen by one of his own family members. Now, the woman being charged could face up to 15 years in prison. All this lottery winner wanted to do was claim his prize and remain anonymous. Unfortunately, his trust in his cousin is what lead him here in the first place.

The New York Post says the man bought the New York State Lottery $5 Hold ‘Em Poker ticket at a 7-Eleven in October 2020. Nassau County officials say his scratch-off ticket revealed that he was a $1 million dollar winner (this is where things start to go south). Prosecutors say he asked his cousin to claim the prize so he could remain anonymous. In exchange, he gave her $50,000. This all began to unravel late last year during the tighter COVID restrictions of the time. So, prosecutors go on to say that the suspect drove all the way to New York, from several states away, to pick up the ticket, which she then mailed in.

The Post says she gave her cousin a forged note from the NY Lottery and over $13,000 in cash. When he asked why the amount seemed so low, she told him that the state took the rest in taxes. Sounds believable, right? But a press release about the winning ticket was already out, and it was noted she took a $537,440 payout. Something wasn't right.

The real winner confronted his scheming cousin over the matter. That's when prosecutors say she threatened to sue. But police say the money was in her account all along. Wow, if you can't trust your own family, then you can you trust? No wonder he tried to remain anonymous?

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