When a family member passes, the last thing you want to deal with is what this New York family alleges happened to them. PIX11 says this particular family claims the body buried at a family plot is not their father's.

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Now, this family is suing a funeral home in New York., claiming they were misled the whole time.

Did a New York Funeral Home Bury the Wrong Body? 

PIX11 is reporting that a family is suing a Long Island funeral home for $60 million, as they claim that the wrong person was buried in a plot meant for their family member. The suit alleges that when the family member passed away in February, his body was to be brought up from South Carolina to Mount Ararat Cemetery in Lindenhurst.

Ulf Wittrock
Ulf Wittrock

The lawsuit says that when the body arrived back home in New York, the family told an employee of the funeral home that it was the wrong one. Somehow, the employee said they were wrong and allegedly went ahead and planned he funeral anyway.,

The NY Post says that the family was too grief-stricken to pursue the matter at the time against the funeral home.

What's worse, the family told The Post, is that the stranger buried at the family plot was wearing their father's favorite Led Zeppelin t-shirt.

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One family member claims in the lawsuit that the funeral home even contacted them and said that the body buried at the family plot was not their father's.

An attorney of the family's told PIX11 that the "most disturbing thing about this case is that the family pointed out the error and a Star of David employee pretended to confirm that the body was in fact Clifford Zaner".

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