Okay, handle isn't the best word to use here. Accidents and angry people on the road around the Tri-State area aren't anything new. The way one New Jersey man apparently dealt with this road rage incident is why this is making news.

So, according to the Gothamist, a confrontation on the New York side of the Lincoln Tunnel ended with a giant penis being sprayed on the side of one man's truck.

Well, at least it didn't end up in a fistfight or a shooting.

The Port Authority says the altercation and subsequent penis artwork happened Tuesday morning.

...the driver of the Toyota reportedly got out of his car and spray painted an image on the victim's truck and attempted to spray paint at the victim. The victim thwarted the suspect's attempt by blocking the paint stream with his hand.

A 34 year-old man from Denville, New Jersey was later arrested. No word if the man was attempting to spray paint a penis on the victim.