If you ever dreamed of hitting the open road and seeing this great nation up front and close, and you happen like nuts, you're in luck. Ever wanted to drive the NUTMobile? Planters is looking for new drivers to pilot their famous NUTMobiles around the country for the next year, and this could be you.

Delish says the drivers (known by the company as peanutters) will drive around the U.S. for the next year and rep the product by hitting up local events, grocery store grand openings, and appear in "nationally televised parades and professional sporting events". This could be the perfect job for anyone who just graduated college.

Delish goes on to say you'll undergo something called Peanut Prep, which goes over the history of the company and teached you how to drive the 12 foot tall giant set of nuts on wheels. According to the application from KraftHeinz, all you need is a Bachelor's degree, valid driver's license, and the be ready to spend the next year on the road in hotels or short term corporate housing.

You can now tell your friends you crossed the Hudson Valley and New York state behind the wheel of the giant NUTMoble. Basically, just get ready to talk about Planters peanuts and Cheez Balls a lot. it sounds like a dream come true. You just need to like to talk to lot of people about nuts and balls, and you'll be all set.

If this sort of promotional job sounds a little familiar, you may be thinking of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. Oscar Meyer will call upon anyone willing to take one of their big weiners out on the road, and spend lots of time behind the wheel while pushing the product. it's all sort of the same thing. Oscar Meyer had even let couples have one of their vehicles show up to your wedding proposal. The best part? It's free. You can sign up here. Now, you can have the big, 27-foot wiener at one of your life's most important moments.

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