The theme on My Lost Treasure is body parts. I knew we would get a lot of suggestions for "heart" songs because there are so many of them. Matt sent me the idea for this one, but I had already thought of it. It's one of my favorites.

I have been a Yes fan for years. In fact, the first real concert i ever went to was a Yes show at Roosevelt Stadium. It was quite an experience for me. A cool light show, incredible music, and maybe some mind altering substances. What a night it was. I can not recall if they did today's lost treasure, but if they did I bet it was great. I want to send this one to my friend Glenn, who is a huge Yes fan. It's a long one, but worth the few minutes it takes to listen to it.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend. Boris and i will be back on the air bright and early Monday morning. We have another fun week planned for you as we head up to Mountain jam weekend. Thanks for listening.

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Rock News