The new theme on My Lost Treasure is new and old.  It is a new year, and we are saying goodbye to the old.  So I decided to do a theme of songs that mention either new and/or old in the title.  I am finding there are a lot more songs with old, including today's pick.

I love Van Morrison, I love Woodstock, New York, and I love today's lost treasure.  When I first heard the song Old Woodstock, I just assumed it was not the one right here in the Hudson Valley.  There are a few Woodstocks.  There is a Woodstock in Vermont. Then I found out that Van lived in our Woodstock at one time, and that’s exactly where the song is about.  Which makes this great song even better.

Do you have any ideas that fit the old or new theme?  I can always use suggestions.  In fact, I really appreciate your suggestions.  Send them to me at  Thank you, and enjoy tonight's treasure.