The current theme on My Lost Treasure is size. Big, large, small, fat, skinny, thin, wide, tall, short, etc. I don't often feature Van Halen on My Lost Treasure, but it just so happens that my favorite Van Halen song fits the theme.

It's not that I don't like Van Halen, I do. I realize what a great guitarist Eddie Van Halen is. I recognize that they are all talented musicians with some great songs. It's just that they are not on the top of my favorites list. So, please, if you are a big Van Halen do not be offended. Just enjoy today's lost treasure. And it is lost because I can't tell you the last time I heard it.

What suggestions and requests do you have that will fit the new size theme? Let me know at or find me on facebook. You can also write your ideas in the comment section below. As always, thanks for your help!

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