Today is Dec. 6, and it was on this day back in 1988 that we said goodbye to Roy Orbison. 30 years ago. Roy had an incredible career, having 23 top forty hits on his own before he became a member of Traveling Wilburys. And he had great success with the Wilburys.

I remember thinking of Roy Orbison as an old guy. He was big as a solo artist before my time, and by the time he was in the Traveling Wilburys, he was the old guy. But he wasn't old. In fact, he was only 52 when he died in 1988. That's pretty young. He never really made it to "that old guy". He was incredibly talented, and that's something I did not discover until he joined the Wilburys. In the 90s I worked at an oldies station and became familiar with his older stuff. Wow.

So, today we celebrate the life Roy Orbison. I decided to go with a Traveling Wilburys tune because it was an amazing super group, and only two Wilburys are still with us, Bob Dylan and Jeff Lynne. Rest in Peace, Roy Orbison, thanks for the music.