We are still working on the up and down theme here on My Lost Treasure, and today it is a great "down" song from Tom Waits. The problem for me when I choose these songs is what version to play.

I feel like all the famous covers of Tom Waits are really good.  Jersey Girl by Bruce Springsteen, Ol' 55 by The Eagles, and Rod Stewart does a great  version of tonight's lost treasure.  And all the versions by Tom himself are also amazing. But I have this loyalty to my late friend, coworker, and morning show partner Mark Cooper.  He was such a Tom Waits fan.  So, once again, I am going with the original.

Boris and I are on vacation until Feb. 21, but Meat Sandwich is taking over the show and has all the cool stuff you are used to.  Up to the minute news and traffic, Meat at the ,The Welber Zone, and lots of great classic rock.  Thanks for listening.