It is a brand new month, and that means we are kicking off a brand new theme here on My Lost Treasure. The new theme is the Five Ws. Who, What, Where, When, and Why. And we are kicking off the theme with not a song, but a whole album.

The Who's Next album is one of my all time favorites. Definitely a desert island disc for me. I often forget that it is not a Who's greatest hits album. Every song on that album is a great one, at least in my opinion. I can remember when I had a longer commute to work it was one of the albums (or cassettes, as the case may be) that I would listen to at full volume. It made the ride so much better. And it's an awesome way to kick off the theme.

Do you have any suggestions or requests for the Five Ws theme? Pass it along to me at, on facebook, or write it below. Thanks!