The theme right now on My Lost Treasure is songs with body parts in the title. And it is a Rolling Stones weekend. Today we are featuring our second body parts song from The Rolling Stones, and today the body part is hand.

Today's treasure come from the Black And Blue album. When that album first came out in the mid 1970s I don't think I appreciated it right away. through the years it has become one of my favorite albums. Memory Motel is one of the best songs ever, and Fool To Cry is right up there too. As is today's pick for My Lost Treasure. And I am sending this one out to my boyfriend Bobby who is one of the biggest Rolling Stones fans I know, and he happens to love this song.

I hope you are having a great weekend. Boris and i are off tomorrow, but we will be back on Tuesday with our Tiny House Week live broadcasts. You can catch us live at Flory's Mobil on Route 9 in Fishkill Tuesday morning starting at six. Talk to you then.

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