The city that we are building right now on My Lost Treasure is huge. Well, it's pretty big if not huge. I did add a bus a while back, but I never put in a bus stop. That's the plan with today's lost treasure.

This song is really old, but it's such a great song. The Hollies were awesome, especially when Graham Nash was in the group. To this day when I hear this song, I have to smile. And sing. And it has a happy ending. Yup, a bus stop is just what this city needs.

The idea is to make our building a city theme last through Thanksgiving. That's when we will make our last addition to the city with a Thanksgiving classic. Do you have any ideas for songs to use? Or any ideas for future My Lost Treasure themes? Let me know at or on facebook. Thanks!

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Rock News