Our theme on My Lost Treasure is songs with body parts in the title. There are way more of them than I realized, and I think that has to do with the fact that there are a lot of songs with heart in the title. And eyes. Eyes is a big one. In fact, today's treasure is an "eyes" song.

I guess today's song would be considered an oldie. But to me it is timeless. You still hear American Woman by The Guess Who. It fits a few different radio formats. I know we play it on WPDH which is classic rock. But you hardly ever hear These Eyes. And that is why it is a lost treasure. Such an awesome song, it definitely deserves more airplay.

Do you have an idea or a request for a song with a body part or parts in the title? I take requests. Let me know at robyn@wpdh.com. Thanks!

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