The theme here on My Lost Treasure is building a city. And we are using songs to build our city. We have been very busy building houses this week. Today we have another house song. It's a great song, but a sad anniversary.

It was on this day, Aug. 27, back in 1990 that Stevie Ray Vaughan died in a tragic plane crash. It was a horrible day in rock and roll. He was at the height of his career with a great future ahead of him. he could play guitar like nobody's business. And I got to meet him here at the radio station when he was first starting out. What a nice guy. Talented, yet very humble. He is sorely missed.

So, enjoy a little Stevie Ray today. And take heart, he's in great company up there in Rock and Roll Heaven. Thanks, Stevie, for the amazing music you brought to us. You will live on forever.

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