It is an up and down theme here on My Lost Treasure.  We used to play a lot more Squeeze on the radio back in the old days, but not so much anymore.  It is kind of sad because I really like Squeeze.

This one goes out to my morning show partner Boris.  He is a huge fan of Squeeze.  I have seen them twice, but I am pretty sure Boris has seen them many more times than that.  I got to see them at The Mid Hudson Civic Center and The Chance.  Both were great shows, and I did not have to travel very far.  Today's pick is one of my favorite Squeeze songs, but I say that about every song.  I really mean it this time.

If you have an idea for the up and down theme on My Lost Treasure, let me know. And if you have any ideas for future themes, I would like to know about those too.  My email is, or you can find me on facebook.  I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.