Somebody is not going to like today's lost treasure, but we need a car wash. We are building a city through songs here on My Lost Treasure. And today we are putting in a car wash. This is a song that you will never hear on WPDH. You never did in the past, and you won't in the future. But we're playing it today on My Lost Treasure.

I mostly remember this song because of the movie of the same name. When I was a kid and we first got HBO, Car Wash was one of the movies they played. All the time. I probably saw it 10 times. Maybe more. Not that it's such a great movie, but having HBO was a big thing back then, so we watched it. A movie with no commercials at home! No big deal now, but back in the day it was. And George Carlin was in it, which is always a good thing.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Boris and will catch up with you tomorrow morning at 6. And guess what prize we have this week? Foam and Wash car wash passes. Fits right in with today's lost treasure. Thanks for listening!

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