The theme is old and/or new.  Since today is Friday the thirteenth, I thought today's pick would work perfectly.  Today I am turning to some "newer" Rod Stewart and his cover of an old "old" song.

My favorite Rod Stewart stuff is from his early years.  I loved Rod with The Faces, and Every Picture Tells A Story is one of my favorite albums of all time.  Not just Rod Stewart albums, but all time albums.  A definite desert island disc for me.  And then there is the Rod Stewart that did The Great American Songbook albums.  Yeah, that's what we are using today for a lost treasure.  But it is just so appropriate for Friday the thirteenth.

Got any good ideas for our old and/or new theme?  Let me know.  Thanks, and don't walk under any ladders today.  And stay away from black cats.  Have a great weekend, Boris and I will talk to you bright and early Monday morning.