We are in the middle of building a city on My Lost Treasure. We already have some parks, houses, schools, farms, and now it is time to add some bridges so people can get in and out of our city.

I used to have a boss that hated when I played Bridge Of Sighs by Robin Trower. I don't know what his problem was with that song, but he just hated it. Which created a problem for me because I would get so many requests for it during our all request lunch hour. He is not my boss anymore, and nobody tells me what I can or can not play on My Lost Treasure, so Bridge Of Sighs it is. Unlike my former boss, I think it's a damn good song.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend. If you have an idea for a song that will help us build our city, please send it to me. It's robyn@wpdh.com. Thanks

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Cat News