We are nearing the end of our up and down theme on My Lost Treasure.  I could not finish off the theme without including today's pick from Men At Work. It's still a great "down" song.

It was during my very early years here at WPDH when Men At Work first came on the scene with Down Under.  They played at the Mid Hudson Civic Center, I believe, but it may have been The Chance.  In any case, they came into the radio station to do an interview and they brought little packs of Vegemite.  Kind of like the little packs of jelly you see on the table at a diner.  I am known for my immature palate, but I actually did not mind the taste of Vegemite.  I don't even recall if I made it to the show that night, but the band, the music, and the Vegemite left a lasting impression.

Starting this Wednesday March 1 the new theme will be in and out.  Got any ideas?   Pass them along to me at robyn@wpdh.com.  Thanks, and have a great weekend.