The current theme on My Lost Treasure is old and/or new.  All along I have been saying that it seems there are more "old" than "new" songs.  Of course, I guess I could include New York songs.  Yeah, maybe I will do that.  Today we have an old "new" song. that takes me way back.

Melanie was always kind of a hippie chick.  She was young and beautiful and wore hippie clothes and she sang at Woodstock.  And then she came to just about every Woodstock Anniversary show in Bethel.  That is where I got to meet her.  At a show called A Day In The Garden at the Bethel site back in 1998.  And then again the next year, and a few times after that.  She was always very nice and definitely passionate about her music.  She had a big hit with today's lost treasure.

Got any ideas for our old and/or new theme?  Let me know, and I will put them on My Lost Treasure.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and Boris and I will talk to you tomorrow morning at 6.