Our theme on My Lost Treasure, in honor of the upcoming holiday season, is food and drink.  Because we tend to eat and drink a lot during the holidays. The theme is so broad, it might even take us right through the holidays.

Today's song is another one of those songs that has nothing to do with food, but it could. It mentions things that we eat.  Not just chicken, but also lamb.  And it is a great song by an awesome band.  I already knew I was going to play this song when I got the suggestion from Matt Price.  Great minds think alike, right Matt?

I want to say a big thanks to Matt for sending so many ideas for My Lost Treasure. They help more than you know.  If you have an idea or a request for a song that fits the food and drink theme, or an idea for a future theme, please share it with me.  It's robyn@wpdh.com. Thank you.