The theme on My Lost Treasure right now is size. It can be large, big, small, little, tiny, fat, skinny, wide, thin, and any other size words you can think of. I was already planning on this one, but I also got a request for it on facebook from Brian Jones, so here it is.

Today's lost treasure not only mentions a size word in the title, but the band name itself includes a size word. So we have a very cool "fat" song from a band called "Little" Feat. I love this song and miss playing and hearing it on the radio. But back in the day, you could hear it pretty often. And that is exactly why I have this feature. To keep all these great old songs fresh in our minds and ears.

Boris and I are on vacation, but we will be back on Monday July 31. In the meantime, our very capable and talented producer meat Sandwich will be holding down the fort. If you have an idea or a request for My Lost Treasure, email me at or find me on facebook. Thanks!

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