It's officially March, which comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.  So the new theme on My lost treasure is in and out.  This weekend we are doing a special Led Zeppelin in and out weekend. Today's song is an "in" song from Zeppelin, but it's from and in and out album.

I remember getting my copy of the In Through The Out Door album at Lloyd's on Union Avenue in Newburgh.  Lloyd's was like the first superstore ever.  They had groceries, clothes, toys, a bakery, housewares, a restaurant, and even a complimentary coffee section where all the old folks would gather.  And they had an awesome record department.  That's where I got so many of my albums and 45s.  I sure miss that store. Anyway, today's pick is awesome, and I got the album at Lloyd's.

Tomorrow we'll have a cool "out" somg from Zeppelin today finish off the Zeppelin in and out weekend.  And speaking of weekends, I hope you enjoy yours.