The theme is places.  Cities, towns, etc.  Today's pick is one of my favorites from Joni Mitchell.  Joni was in the news a lot last year because of serious health issues.  We have not heard much about her lately, but from what I have read, it seems she's doing quite well.  She is expected to make a full recovery.  Good news for all of her fans.

I have always loved Free Man In Paris, but once I learned that it is about Joni Mitchell's friend music promoter David Geffen, and how he was able to escape his busy life while he was in Paris I liked it even more.  It has a great melody, and as I just mentioned, personal lyrics.  Today's song goes out to Richard Adler and John Hall, both big fans of Joni Mitchell.

If there is a song that fits the current theme that you would like to hear on My Lost Treasure, pass it along to me.  Got an idea for a future theme?  Let me know about that, too.  Thanks.