The theme right now on My Lost Treasure is holiday songs that are not holiday songs. It's kind of a weird concept, but I am kind of a weird person. Songs with red or green for Christmas, blue or white for Chanukah, songs with balls, lights, trees, bells. Today we really do have a lost treasure, and it's a ball song. Like a Christmas ball. Only not.

I really do love Janis Joplin. Sometimes I forget how much I love her, then I'll hear a song and remember. I'm always like "Wow, she's amazing. What if I could sing like that?" Today's song was never, ever intended to be a holiday song, but the word ball is in the title. And that's exactly what this theme is all about.

Got any ideas for our new theme? Holiday songs that are not holiday songs. If you do email them to me at or let me know on facebook. Thanks!

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