It is the last day of march, and that means the last day of our in and out theme on My Lost Treasure.  We are closing out the month and the theme with a really long one. This was a suggestion from my facebook friend Matt Price, as so many lost treasures are.

I remember reading that the original name of this song was supposed to be In the garden of Eden, but the singer sounded more like he was saying In A Gadda Da Vida, so the name stuck.  This song is so long that it never got a whole lot of radio airplay, but it did figure into a Seinfeld episode, if I remember correctly.  And everybody seems to know of it, but not everybody knows how it sounds.  So, here you go.

Tomorrow is the first day of April, and we will kick off a brand new theme here on My Lost treasure.  The theme is the negative Ns.  Songs with no, no one, nobody, never, etc.  Got any ideas?  Pass them along to me at  Thanks!