Today is Peter Gabriel's 69th birthday. I must admit, while I'm a fan of Genesis, I'm really only a fair weather fan. I know the songs that I know and like, and some of them are even deeper album cuts, but I don't know tons of Genesis either with or without Peter Gabriel. And I'm probably more familiar with Peter Gabriel as a solo artist than with Genesis.

I love playing Peter Gabriel songs. Not only is he a great musician, but he's also practically local. He's not actually a Hudson Valley guy, but Peter’s bass player is Tony Levin. Tony lives right here in the Hudson Valley, in Kingston. And his wife used to be a radio personality in Albany. And the one and only time that I saw Peter Gabriel in concert is was right here in Poughkeepsie at the Mid Hudson Civic Center. That's pretty local, right?

The song I picked to celebrate Peter Gabriel's birthday isn't exactly lost. It's not super obscure, nor is it a deep cut. But it is a beautiful song, and I never get tired of hearing it. Happy Birthday Peter!