Today is the last day of the Negative Ns theme on My Lost Treasure.  Today's negative n word is never. We are ending the theme with a great song from The Grateful Dead. I am embarrassed that I did not come up with this one on my own. Once again, I have to say thanks to my buddy Matt Price for suggesting today's lost treasure.

This is a great song to end the theme with. I would be so ticked off if I had moved on to the next theme without getting this one on. That happens to me quite often, but not this time. Thanks, Matt!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Tomorrow kicks off a brand new week, a brand new month, and a brand new theme. The theme starting tomorrow is the Five Ws. Who, What, Where, Why, and When. Not necessarily in that order. Send your ideas to me at, find me on facebook, or use the space below. Thanks!