It's March, and our theme on My Lost Treasure is in and out.  Because of the in like a lion out like a lamb saying, which we are discovering is not necessarily true.  Today is also Grateful Dead bass player Phil Lesh's 77th birthday, so a Grateful Dead song it is.

I have been to a few Grateful Dead shows in my life.  Not as many as most people think I've been to, but at least a handful.  And I don't remember a bad one ever.  Sometimes the jams went too long, or somebody was not on their game, but Dead shows were always fun.  There really was a certain peace and love vibe, even though that sounds so cliché.  I miss those days and that vibe, but Mountain Jam comes close.

Happy Birthday, Phil Lesh.  Thanks for all the fine bass playing and all those great years of Grateful Dead music.  I hope you're enjoying the ride.