Up and Down is the theme right now on My Lost Treasure, and  I feel as though this week we have been playing a lot of songs that have truly gotten lost.  Songs that I remember playing on the radio, but now I do not hear them.  Sigh.

I used to love to play today's pick.  It's actually two songs.  So it was a great bathroom break tune to play.  That was back in the day when we actually played records, and then cds. Now most things are on a computer which will keep on playing until you make it stop. So there is no worry about how to get enough time to hit the bathroom. That wasn't the only reason I liked to play today's treasure.  It's a great song.  Or two great songs as the case may be.

Thanks for all the requests and suggestions.  Keep them coming, please.  You can send them to robyn@wpdh.com, let me know on facebook, or write it the comment section below.  Have a great weekend.