It is an up and down theme on My Lost Treasure, at least for now.  I feel a new theme coming soon.  Today's treasure came to me just the other day, and I think it's worthy of this feature.

I remember this song from Gerry Rafferty, and I also remember Baker Street.  They were both pretty big hits for him and got lots of radio airplay.  What I did not know about Gerry Rafferty back then is that he is the person who sang Stuck In The Middle With You by Stealer's Wheel.  I remember that I was really surprised when I found out, though I don't know why.  That was a huge song.  And a great one.  But it doesn't fit the theme, so it's not today's lost treasure.  Unfortunately, Gerry Rafferty died back in 2011 at a relatively young age.  But he left us with some great music.

Boris and I are on vacation until Feb. 21, but Meat Sandwich is taking over the show and has all the cool stuff you are used to.  Up to the minute news and traffic, Meat at the ,The Welber Zone, and lots of great classic rock.  Thanks for listening